10 Ways for a Busy Mom to Practice Magic & Self-Care

Being a Mom is the biggest blessing and one of the most challenging jobs. As a Mother of four, I run multiple businesses out of my home, run the house, and am a stay-at-home mom. There are days I struggle to find time for myself, let alone practice magic! 


My children forced me to get creative as I understand the importance of self-care. So I turned my busy life into my form of witchcraft that led me to my life purpose; writing and teaching others how to connect and work with their angels! 


Self-care is ESSENTIAL, not something that needs to be earned. As a Mother, we cannot pour from an empty cup! You can give more to others when you know how to give to yourself first. However, I also understand how difficult it is to find time in your day when you have a list of to-do's, kids that need love and care, and a dog that needs to be walked. But, it is possible, no matter how busy you are, I am proof! Here are 10 (of the many) ways I find time to practice magic and self-care. 


1. Sing Affirmations

I learned the power of singing quickly after my spiritual awakening, and I became mindful of the catchy songs I caught myself singing along to that were the opposite of affirmations and toxic. It has been proven scientifically that singing gives your words a considerable boost! Look it up; it is fascinating! So, sing upbeat, positive music, and sing your affirmations! As I go about my day, I make up my affirmations, and my children love to sing along with me! For example, if I am looking to buy a house, I will sing, "I found the perfect home, for the perfect price, in the perfect location." It may sound funny to sing out loud, but it doesn't matter! One of my favorite songs to sing aloud is I AM by Satsang. Be mindful of what you are singing, and use your voice to set your intentions as you go about your day! 


2. Shower Prayers\Meditation

I use every moment I get alone for prayer and meditation, including the shower and even when I sit on the toilet (if the kids give me that). I use my bathroom time as a tool to speak affirmations, ask my angels to send me healing, clear my chakras (quick exercise in Angel Magic), and turn my fears and worries into prayers. The intention is everything; even 10 minutes makes a huge difference! I go a little more in-depth on this in my book. 


3. Connect with the Earth

Take your kids outdoors and connect with Mother Earth! If possible, go outside barefoot! Earthing (grounding) is a powerful, easy, and fast way to clear your energy and recharge. When you get out, ask mother earth to take all your pain, worries, or any negative energies, seen or unseen, known or unknown, from you, and transmute it into love and send it back multiplied! 


4. Bless Your Food & Drinks

I use a quick and easy technique every morning, starting with my coffee. As you begin your morning routine, everything you touch, speak aloud or in your mind that you are grateful for it. For example, I show gratitude for clean, running water, freshly ground coffee, electricity to brew the coffee, and so on. I then stir my coffee clockwise and speak an affirmation or goal into my drink. For example, you can say, "Health, happiness, love, peace, abundance." I then imagine my coffee surrounded by white light. This technique is SO simple! You can't do it the wrong way. Starting your day out grateful and infusing your morning drink with positive words or affirmations is setting the intention to have a wonderful, magical day filled with love, and missing gratitude will turn you into a magnet to attract more that matches that vibration! I also bless our foods, thank meats for their sacrifice, and ask angels to bless them. I even ask my angels to help me prepare food and grocery shop! 


5. Light a Candle


My personal favorite and one of the most straightforward ways to add magic to your day is through candle magic! First, choose a candle to best match your intention for your day; see my blog post, The Magic of Colors. Working with color can boost your intentions and tune you into specific vibrations to match your goals. Herbs and oils are lovely to dress your candle but not necessary. You can also place crystals to boost your intention nearby. You can order assorted colors of chime candle here. Once you choose your color, ask your angels or assign archangels to your intention, light your candle, and go about your day. Be sure your candle is always in sight! I go over candle magic in depth in my book, Angel Magic


6. Pay Attention to the Signs!


Your Angels and spirit team sends you signs daily to boost your faith and guide you. Pay attention to specific animals that cross your path, repeating numbers, coins, and feathers as they all have meaning! This site is excellent for looking up angel number meanings. For animals, I use this site. If you don't notice the signs you are receiving, ask your angels to make them more clear to you! I had to do this as my life is fast-paced and busy. By noticing and following signs, it will help you maintain a high vibration, give you faith, and hope, reduce stress and anxiety, help you be more in the moment, guide you, and help you trust your intuition. 


7. Bless Your To-Do List


I use this technique at least once a week. I learned that lists are my friend! I have never been organized, but the more I took on, I began to understand the power of organization, writing out my intentions and goals and my to-do list! I write my to-do list out, and as I write each task that needs to be completed, it was a promise to myself that I would get it done. Once I have my list written, I ask my angels, Archangel Jophiel (organization, clearing clutter), Archangel Metatron (balance and prioritizing), and Michael (strength, energy, and clearing), to bless my list. I ask my angels to help me complete each task with as little stress as possible while remaining balanced. I ask for the strength and motivation to get it all done and to even help me find time for self-care. This works best for me on a dry-erase board; I love erasing each task as I finish! 


8. Sigil Magic at Craft Time


While my children paint or color, I love to join in! I use craft time to journal and create sigils! I have a step-by-step guide in my book. I describe Sigils as a personal goal or affirmation turned into a symbol. Sigils are powerful, fun, and fast! 


9. Ask Your Angels


Your angels are eager to help you with anything that you need. This includes helping you find time for self-care, assistance with child rearing (even potty training or night terrors), allowing you to see the magic and joy in your mundane, finding the perfect home, and so on. There is nothing too big or too small! Angels are waiting to help you! 


10. Beauty Routine


Add magic to your beauty routine! Many moms don't wear makeup daily, which is ok, but we all brush our teeth and hair, change our clothes, and use some products daily. Even if you know you are not going anywhere, it is a game changer when you decide to get ready for the day just for YOU. If you want to boost your vibration, take time to do little extras for yourself, like even wearing your favorite shade of lipstick! I wear lipstick and leggings often! It sounds funny, but when you feel confident, it completely transforms your day. Always wear clean clothes, as our clothing can carry residual energies. As you apply lipstick, say aloud or silently, "I speak only love." As you put your contact lenses in, speak or say aloud, "I only see love and lessons."

While applying moisturizer, envision applying white light to your skin that soaks through your skin and fills your body with light for energy, love, motivation, clarity, and focus. You can bless any item you use; remember to do it and understand the power of intention. It does not take holding your lipstick for ten minutes during meditation to turn it into a magical tool. You can use these techniques multiple times a day. For example, if you are getting ready to go to a playdate with a gossipy Mom, spray yourself with rose water, or apply anything that is your tool to avoid gossip and absorbing negative energies. Shielding helps as well; see Angel Magic for clearing and shielding. 

Everything you touch is magic if you affirm it is. Seize every opportunity.