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5 Quick Techniques to Clear negative energies

Do you often come home from a family gathering, grocery shopping, or the doctor's office feeling drained? If you are one of the many sensitive souls in this world, then the answer is yes. You are constantly absorbing negative energies from your everyday surroundings. You must clear these negative energies regularly!

 Whenever you find yourself involved in hectic, stressful situations, you unconsciously attempt to feel compassion for others. Doing this can cause you to absorb some of that negative energy. We also carry negativity of our current and past fears. 

As a busy mother of 4, I am all about fast and effective. I have tried many different techniques for clearing negative energies over the years, but the 5 listed are favorites. I have taken these from my personal experiences and studies. They are not listed in any particular order, so enjoy and please share your results below!


Aloud, or to yourself, say "Archangel Michael and my Spirit team please join me. Clear me of any negative emotions such as fear, guilt, and sadness. Lift all negativity away from me.

Please, send healing and love to those I absorbed this negative energy from. Clear away all toxic, fear-based energies, or entities. Whether these energies are seen, unseen, known, or unknown. Thank you! And so it is."

2. Cut Cords​

Etheric cord-cutting is a simple, fast, and effective way to stop negative energy from affecting you. Etheric cords can form and attach to you or any other person, item, or situation. These cords can cause negativity and anguish.

 Most people have cords that are attached to those close to them. These people can include parents, siblings, children, lovers, or even clients. Cut cords regularly, as they drain you mentally and cause physical pain. Don't worry, cords of love can not be cut. 

To free yourself of these cords, simply say, "Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael please come to me. Cut all cords of fear attached to me that are draining me and are not of my highest good. Please take away all of my pain and send me peace. Fill me with healing and white light. 

Thank you. And so it is". You may or may not feel these cords being cut. It may feel like a tug or a chill. Again, don't worry, you can't cut cords of love, so repeat this whenever you feel drained or blocked.

3. Vacuum Away Fear​

This is one of my favorite exercises for clearing. It's simple, powerful, and fast. Whenever you have feelings of being drained, blocked, or any negative emotions, reach out to Archangel Michael. 

He can quickly remove it and replace it with light. After asking Archangel Michael to come and clear away all negativity affecting you, picture a beautiful, crystal clear shop vac floating above your head with a clear hose attached. 

Next, ask him to use this hose to vacuum away all that no longer serves you. Then, picture Archangel Michael starting at your crown chakra and going all the way down to your toes. Be sure to ask him to vacuum and clear all of your other chakras as he moves downward. 

After that is done, ask Archangel Michael to fill you with a glowing white light. When you know that you're going to be around a lot of harsh energy or in stressful situations, picture the shop vac above your head. Ask Archangel Michael to keep it there all day, set on auto-cleaning, to help "self-clean" throughout the day.

4. Cancel And Clear Negative Emotions​

Do you ever have a day where everything seems to be going wrong? You can't think about anything without attaching something negative to it? This exercise is simple and fast for clearing your mind of all past negative thinking. 

This exercise is by Doreen Virtue and it is wonderful! She says, "If you catch yourself saying something negative, stop! In a sweeping motion with your hand, push the negative energy of your words away from you. Then say, Cancel, clear, delete. This will undo the effects of your current and past negative affirmations". -Doreen Virtue

5. Shield Yourself​

This exercise is very important and simple. Shielding protects you from absorbing any negative energy or entities. Always use shielding after clearing yourself. What I like to do every morning after I wake up, is to picture myself stepping into a white, shining, bubble of light. 

This bubble will protect you from harm of any kind including psychic attacks or from absorbing negative energy. I recommend you do this every time you leave your home. It will also help when you are around anyone with harsh energy.

 Shielding is not just for yourself. Shielding can be done on children, your vehicle, home, and pets. To do this, just picture a bubble around what you would like to protect. You can not do this wrong and will be protected as long as it is done with intention. It only takes a second and helps prevent you, or whoever you protected, from feeling drained or picking up negative energies/entities around others.

Love and Angel Blessings!​

I hope that you enjoyed these 5, simple, fast, and effective Angel Therapy techniques. I use them every day for clients and myself

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