A Message from Archangel Michael- Past-Lives, Soulmates, Healing, & Manifesting

A Message from Archangel Michael- Past-Lives, Soulmates, Healing, & Manifesting

Archangel Michael popped in today to send me a message to share with you! Archangel Michael is the Archangel to call upon for protection and direction toward your life purpose, releasing what no longer serves you, dissolving fear, and replacing it with strength, courage, and even assistance with mechanical issues! I work with Archangel Michael daily for shielding and confidence, and I ask him to surround my home, pets, and loved ones daily. You can read about Archangel Michael in my book, Angel Magic, and my blog, Magic with Archangel Michael.

Your message from Archangel Michael:

"You are going through a life-altering transformation. Not only are you being shown what needs to be released, but patterns are also becoming apparent, and many of you are feeling a sense of urgency and push to make changes, start fresh, and get organized.

As you allow yourself to let go, shed, and heal; you are simultaneously severing past life vows, healing generational trauma, clearing karma (ask Archangel Zadkiel to surround you in his violet light to transmute negativity and release karma), and unlocking wisdom from past lifetimes. Soulmates are entering your life, Ascended Masters, ancestors, and our galactic family is making their presence known (or felt). Trust and develop your psychic abilities (Archangels Zadkiel & Haniel), pay attention to your dreams, write down important details, and be open to new relationships (Archangel Chamuel for opening your heart & finding soulmates).

You are unlocking past life wisdom because you are ready to level up energetically; you unlock this knowledge by studying areas of interest, taking action toward your goals, and focusing on your passions.

This is overwhelming for many as so much is happening simultaneously. But you may also feel like something is coming- like you are waiting for something; that's because you ARE! As you loosen your grip on how you think your life is supposed to work out, how your manifestations will objectify, and allow things to flow in (and out) of your life, you are creating space for bigger and better things. You are reclaiming your power and understanding your worth.

If you feel overwhelmed, make a to-do list, and include self-care time and study time to focus on your passions or to study areas of interest. This to-do list will help you form healthy habits, and help you remain in balance, and feel accomplished daily. Then, rest as needed, say no without feeling guilty, let go of negative, toxic habits and replace them with healthier habits. (Archangel Raphael for healing, health guidance, and ease of cravings).

Start choosing only positive thoughts and words to describe your home, job, and finances, as your words and thoughts are powerful and manifest into your outer reality. If you are speaking negatively of yourself, your home, or finances, immediately shift to something you are grateful for or turn that worry into an affirmation. For example, if you are consumed with anxiety and fear over bills stacking up, switch your perspective to, "I am so grateful for _____. And, "I have a solution; my bills are paid, and I know exactly what to do." When you create this habit, your life will quickly change for the better, and your health and energy levels will improve. Ask me (Michael) to dissolve your fears, guide you to abundance, happiness, and health, and give you the courage and strength to keep moving forward.

Archangel Michael Healing: (Say I accept, silently or aloud to receive)

I am now cutting all cords of negativity and fear attached to you and sending your energy back from any past lives, relationships, situations, or things that you have given your power away to and that are blocking you from happiness, peace, love, and abundance. I surround you, your home, your pets, and your loved ones in white light for protection. I am sending you strength, courage, clarity, and direction.

And so it is."- Archangel Michael.

I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities. Love and Angel Blessings, Kate

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