A Message from Archangel Nathaniel-The Moldavite of Archangels

A Message from Archangel Nathaniel-The Moldavite of Archangels

After a difficult weekend, I needed some intense, angelic intervention to help me re-center, heal, and get back on track.

Archangel Nathaniel showed up immediately, eager to assist not only me but the collective as well. He is the Archangel of fire, energy, purification, divinity, and life purpose. To read more about this powerful Archangel, read my blog, Archangel Nathaniel, the Moldavite of Archangels.

His message surprised me as the message was one that I had already given to two clients this morning. Once I asked for his help, a construction crew set up outside in my front yard, and orange lights flashed through my windows the rest of the day. The lights and construction cones were a significant confirmation as his colors are orange, yellow, and red. (Fire energy)

Nathaniel's message for myself and the collective was:

"Now is a time of focus, action, and being mindful of our actions, decisions, and thoughts. Pull your attention away from the past and let it go!" Do you reflect on past situations where you wish you had said or done something differently? Or a past situation where someone has hurt you (or you hurt them)? "It is time to call your energy back from this situation, as you cannot change your past.

Instead, this reminds you of a part of yourself that is healed, or you are being given an opportunity to heal. If and when given a chance or put in a similar situation in the future, you will not make the same mistake again. Let go of guilt, embarrassment, anger, fear, or anxiety as it is not serving you, only creating an energetic blockage that negatively affects all aspects of your life. I am even hearing that will (or is) affecting children in your life. All these thoughts and memories are doing as you focus on them are creating a negative self-fulfilling pattern in your life.

Trust yourself to move forward, focus on what you want and your goals, and remember every thought, word, and action matters! No matter how insignificant it seems in the moment. What you do now, how you carry yourself and treat others, forms the foundation of the life you want to manifest.

If you want to be successful, make decisions like you are already successful. If you want to manifest love, love yourself.

Call me (Nathaniel) to assist you in healing, releasing, and visualizing what you TRULY want, boosting your manifestations, self-worth, confidence, and guidance. "

I hope you have a magical week filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities. Love and Angel Blessings, Kate

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