A Message from Archangel Uriel

A Message from Archangel Uriel

Are you feeling stuck, stagnant, foggy, and ungrounded? Do you feel a great sense of urgency to take action but do not know where to start? Call upon Archangel Uriel!


Who is Archangel Uriel?


Uriel is the Archangel of illumination. He can help you release fear, anger, and brain fog, assist you with decision-making, and tell you what steps must be taken for your highest good. He is lovely to work with for manifestation, staying focused, and taking action on your goals—the archangel of problem-solving. Call upon Uriel to assist you with fresh ideas in your life. Whenever you need to see the truth of a situation or need light shed on a problem or guidance on what to do, call Uriel to guide you. If you are consumed with anger, feeling guilty or resentful, or stuck in the past, he will help you release and forgive yourself and others. Uriel helps you with speaking to others, understanding your studies, and taking tests. He will show you a step at a time and what direction to go. Just ask, follow your intuition, and act. His energy is more serious and action-oriented, so if you want his help, ask him when you are ready to truly change your life and manifest your goals, as he will only give you one step at a time.


This is a powerful transformational time for the collective. We are being tested left and right, triggered and distracted! My inbox has been consistently flooded with questions this week about what steps should be taken and a lot of “I don’t know what to do!” Or “I don’t know where to start!” So, I decided to channel a message from Archangel Uriel to bring clarity, understanding, and peace.


A message from Archangel Uriel:


“Stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to be HERE.

It would help if you allowed your mind to rest so you can hear the divine guidance and steps being given. You need to pull your energy from the past and be fully in the present. There is a past situation or relationship that needs to be released because you cannot move forward because the part you need in the now to move forward is in that past moment or connected to a past relationship. It is safe to let go and forgive. You are seeing what needs to be released.

You feel a sense of urgency, but it is only a push from your spiritual team to move into the most authentic version of yourself. What are you feeling called to share or express? What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail and were fully supported? Take a step in that direction each day.

TRUST your thoughts, ideas, and intuitive nudges. You have a direct connection to spirit at all times; the more you take the time to listen, the more clarity and peace you will feel. If you have a question, ask your spirit guides and angels, take a moment to listen, and trust what you think and hear.

Respond with love and compassion, but make decisions with logic now. Do not allow anyone to sway your decisions. You know the answers and what is best for you. The more you do things and take action for yourself, you will feel your power, strength, and safe within yourself, who you are, and confidence in your decisions. I am already with you, all you have to do is ask for my assistance”- Archangel Uriel

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I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities. Love and Angel Blessings, Kate 



picture credit: Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue


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