Archangel Nathaniel- The Moldavite of Archangels

Archangel Nathaniel- The Moldavite of Archangels

I came across Archangel Nathaniel on January 21st this year. I know the exact day because I was so overwhelmed with excitement by his presence that I wrote pages and pages about him in my journal the day I came across his name by synchronicity. I saw his name on Pinterest while researching correspondences of an herb. I was immediately drawn to his name and knew he wanted to make an introduction. Distracted by my task, I made a mental note and told myself I would come back to him later. I started to see Nathaniel's name throughout the rest of my day, so I decided to sit down and start my research. All I have to say is, WOW!
Like my experience with Archangel Michael, his presence was very warm, literally! I started to feel flushed and hot right away.
I wondered why I did not discover him sooner, like while I was writing Angel Magic?! But I am also a firm believer in divine timing, and I now understand he came into my life at the perfect time.
Nathaniel's name means "Gift of God." He made his presence known in 2012. He is the Archangel of fire, energy, purification, divinity, and life purpose. He uses the energy of the sun and stars, so his colors are orange and red. I would recommend using an orange and or red candle when you want to work with him. Nathaniel is the Archangel here to assist us in many ways, but the primary purpose of helping us heal, transform, and manifest. I will quote what I wrote from an article I found online; I wish I could remember this source; I wrote this down in my journal during my studies. " Nathaniel transfers divine energy of fire to our world where it is transformed and used to burn away misconceptions and separation."
So, right away, I knew I wanted to write a blog specifically about him and how he could assist us. But, I decided to wait a few months so that I was not just listing off what I read, but I wanted to be able to explain my personal experiences working with him. And I now understand why I waited as you can see by the title of this blog, my experience while working with him can be compared to what I have heard; it is like working with moldavite for the first time. Not only have I experienced many changes and direction, but I feel a stronger connection to my higher self and Mother Earth and spirit.
When I tuned into him, he was unequivocal that I needed to change my lifestyle immediately and very clear in what ways. He told me he would not be able to successfully assist me in my journey until I showed more discipline and dedication to my health. Shocked at how upfront he was, I agreed. Archangel Nathaniel brought about fast and intense change to my life. For the past couple of months, I had what many call a 'tower experience or 'dark night of the soul.' The healing, purging, and lifestyle changes I have made were not easy. Nevertheless, I lost friends, dropped unhealthy habits, started a daily exercise routine, added new services to my business, and got out of my comfort zone. Archangel Nathaniel was there to give me motivation, confidence, and direction, but also helped me feel comfortable 'sitting still' and take a much-needed break from my work that I haven't allowed myself to do in years.

How Archangel Nathaniel Can Help You

-Assistance finding your life purpose
-Automatic writing
-Transformation, support through change and shifts
-Cleansing & Protection
-Motivation, Passion & Enthusiasm
-Belief, faith in yourself
-Inspires us to follow our passions and TRUE desires
-Helps us share our passions to benefit others
-Helps keep us grounded
-Helps with spirit connection & raising your vibration
-Helps you meditate if you struggle to clear your mind and stay grounded
-Helps overcome obstacles
-Helps you shed and heal the past
-Inner Peace & Confidence
-Brings clarity to your TRUE desires much like Archangel Orion
-Helps overcome procrastination
- Helps us prepare for shifts and accept change with grace
-Helps with decision making
-Helps you clear yourself and detach from what is no longer serving you
-Helps encourage you to clear clutter (energetically and physically)
-Will help clear anything or anyone hindering your path (peacefully)
-Encourages you to live a more eco-friendly and healthy life


All it takes is your intention to work and connect with him! I like to use candles for spirit connection, so I lit red and orange candles when I sat down to join and ask for his guidance. Once you ask for his help, he will get to work immediately! You will experience strong, intuitive nudges to make lifestyles changes necessary to help you achieve your goals, desires and live your life purpose. The key is to trust the messages and nudges you receive and ACT! Action is essential, and it will not likely be in your comfort zone. Like I always say, if you want to change, you have to move!

Be Prepared

It is essential to stay grounded, hydrated during this process. When we are grounded, the easier it is for spirit to communicate, the clearer the messages and guidance will be to receive. Ask for signs every day to keep you focused and your vibration high.

If you would like assistance, you can book a reading with me! I offer Life purpose readings, past life, angelic general readings, and angelic relationship readings.

I hope you have a magical day!

Love and Blessings, Kate
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