Archangels to Help You Achieve Your New Years Goals

Archangels to Help You Achieve Your New Years Goals

The new year is almost here! We place so much pressure on ourselves this time of year. This is a beautiful time to set goals and reflect on this past year. It is essential to focus on all you have overcome and achieved, no matter how small! Maybe you didn't hit a goal that you set last year, and that is ok! However, a different approach may be required, which brings me to the purpose of this quick blog.

Angel Magic is a beautiful way to heal and manifest and see the magic and beauty in the mundane or what we take for granted. The more you focus on what you are grateful for and the beauty in all things (including yourself), the more you will attract to be thankful for! Assigning Archangels is a simple yet powerful way to assist you in manifesting your desires, bringing joy to your life, and healing simultaneously!


Tips to help you stay focused on your goals and maintain a high vibration:

-Create a daily routine!

-Speak Affirmations

-Create a high-vibe playlist to listen to while going about your day

-Assign Archangels to your goals

-Make time for self-care

-Buy yourself flowers!-Flowers significantly raise the vibration of your space and assist you in healing, and keep you connected to nature indoors!

-Make time for your passions

-Use the 2023 Angel Magic Daily Planner to help you form healthy, magical habits!


Archangels to Assist you In Manifesting:


Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is fantastic to work with for manifesting! Archangel Michael will protect you and assist you in releasing all that no longer serves your highest good. Guide you towards your life purpose, and give you confidence, courage, and strength to take action!

Read more about working with Archangel Michael here.


Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel is lovely to work with for clearing clutter (physically and energetically) and seeing the beauty and blessing in all things and situations! It is essential to remain grateful while experiencing joy and seeing the beauty in all things (including yourself). So call Jophiel to help you understand your emotions, experience clarity when overwhelmed, and feel beautiful from the inside out!


Archangel Uriel

Uriel is the Archangel of illumination. He can help you release fear, anger, and brain fog, assist you with decision-making, and tell you what steps must be taken for your highest good. He is lovely to work with for manifestation, staying focused, and taking action on your goals—the Archangel of problem-solving. Call upon Uriel to assist you with fresh ideas in your life. Whenever you need to see the truth of a situation or need light shed on a problem or guidance on what to do, call Uriel to guide you. If you are consumed with anger, feeling guilty or resentful, or stuck in the past, he will help you release and forgive yourself and others. Read more about Uriel here.


Archangel Nathaniel

Nathaniel is the Archangel here to assist us in many ways, but the primary purpose of helping us heal, transform, and manifest. I will quote what I wrote from an article I found online; I wish I could remember this source; I wrote this down in my journal during my studies. " Nathaniel transfers divine energy of fire to our world where it is transformed and used to burn away misconceptions and separation."

How Archangel Nathaniel Can Help You:

-Assistance finding your life purpose

-Automatic writing


-Transformation, support through change and shifts

-Cleansing & Protection

-Motivation, Passion & Enthusiasm

-Belief, faith in yourself


-Inspires us to follow our passions and TRUE desires

-Helps us share our passions to benefit others

-Helps keep us grounded

-Helps with spirit connection & raising your vibration

-Helps you meditate if you struggle to clear your mind and stay grounded

-Helps overcome obstacles

-Helps you shed and heal the past

-Inner Peace & Confidence

-Brings clarity to your TRUE desires, much like Archangel Orion

-Helps overcome procrastination

- Helps us prepare for shifts and accept change with grace

-Helps with decision making

-Helps you clear yourself and detach from what is no longer serving you

-Helps encourage you to clear clutter (energetically and physically)

-Will help clear anything or anyone hindering your path (peacefully)

-Encourages you to live a more eco-friendly and healthy life

Read about what I call the "Moldavite of Archangels," Nathaniel. Here.



I could keep going! Archangels are powerful, loving, and excellent guides!

Book a private reading with me to find which Archangels want to help you and receive clarity and insight into your life!

I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities.

Love and Angel Blessings, Kate

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