Celebrate to Manifest!

Celebrate to Manifest!

It is time to surrender! Let go of control and accept that you may not know the outcome of a particular situation you have been focusing on and trying to manifest.

I know this is easier said than done; I have to understand what is going on and feel I need to be in control and know what is coming.

Many of us are currently being given a big lesson as a collective. The lesson presented is that we need to let go of the need to know how things will manifest. Instead, we are learning the power of manifestation. Working with Faeries, I realized they are master manifesters; they manifest effortlessly because Faeries understand and expect everything they need to work out and operate on a higher vibrational frequency than we do.

You have to not only let go of the need to understand how things are working and manifesting at this time, but you have to learn to trust and maintain a high vibration to ensure your desires come to fruition.

Now, no, I do not mean to sit around and wait. You must take action daily, even in small steps, and the more out of your comfort zone, the better and more quickly you will manifest your desires.

What spirit is saying today, an excellent way to manifest, trust, and maintain a high vibration is to experience joy! Celebrate! Surround yourself with people you love and things you love, practice self-care, and do not allow any person, thing, or habit to get in your way. Set energetic, solid boundaries with others and yourself. Take charge of your life, experience joy and love now, as all that matters is this moment. When you experience love and joy, you are simultaneously in a state of gratitude. Gratitude is the essential key to manifestation! When you are grateful, in the moment, experiencing joy and love at once, you will draw more to yourself to be grateful for and gives your manifestation work a considerable energetic boost! It is like supercharging your intentions. Just have fun, be happy, and feel the love! How beautiful is that?!

Focus on living your life with joy, feel gratitude, and ask the universe, "Show me how much better it can get!"

Create a sacred space to reflect, pray, meditate, recharge, and rest. A sacred place is difficult for some, like busy parents. A sacred space can be your shower, closet, or backyard! Take time each day to reflect, meditate, pray, and recharge. Being in your sacred space daily is a beautiful form of self-care that, as I always say, does not have to be earned; it is essential! And, no matter how busy you get throughout your day, it will bring you to this moment, where you belong!

Have a magical day, my friend. Love and Blessings, Kate

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