Creative Empaths

Creative Empaths

Growing up as an empath, I was surrounded by abuse and toxic situations that forced me to read the room and others to protect myself and mirror others; it was my way of walking on eggshells to keep everyone happy and comfortable to avoid confrontation. As I used this ability as a child, not realizing it, and before I knew what an empath was, it became a subconscious habit to read people and a room or gathering as a collective. As a result, I would match energies which drained my energy and caused me chronic fatigue even as a child.

I did not learn to protect and clear my energy until I was 28. Before, my life was filled with many lessons and traumatic and unique situations. But, instead of labeling myself as a victim, I was able to use my experiences to teach others and relate with anyone. Not just listen, but feel others and what they are going through. The reason I am writing about this is last night while watching one of my favorite shows, Beyond Belief with George Noory, as I do most nights, spirit showed me in my mind's eye '11:1,' and I intuitively knew that I needed to watch season 11, episode 1. I was not surprised to see it was an interview with James Van Praagh, a world-renowned psychic medium and one of my favorite teachers. While I took in and resonated with a lot of what he said, a small clip shared in that episode from the movie 'Sensitive' hit me as, "Wow, I needed to hear this."

What I learned last night and felt like an epiphany moment is one I will never forget. Research scientist Jadzida Jagiellowicz, Ph.D., said that she and her research team observed thousands of highly sensitive individuals and observed that the area of the brain in charge of understanding social cues is more active in sensitive than non-sensitive individuals. It means that highly sensitive individuals notice more and take what they see and feel and combine it with the information they have stored. Because they can combine all of that information, they develop unique, new ideas, which is the essence of creativity. So, empaths take in everything in great detail and store it. Then, they can use all of their experiences with people, animals, tv shows, movies, situations, and feelings and compare them and reflect on them to develop a unique perspective and idea or work of art.

When I heard this, it made a lot of sense. As an empath and psychic medium, I have always used stored situations and knowledge to create digital art for my marketing, angel healing sessions, and many aspects of my life. This is why it is crucial for everyone, especially sensitive people, to express themselves creatively. You have something to share! All of your unique experiences give you a one-of-a-kind perspective that the world needs! Do not think of your sensitivity as a curse; it is a blessing!

James Van Praagh gave terrific advice that I provide to all of my clients and loved ones; it is essential to be grounded to protect your energy, observe your environment with clarity and control, and keep yourself clear of negative energies.

Remember, you don't have to be an artist to express yourself creatively. Creative expression can even be singing in the shower!

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