Forgiveness & Finding a Home Within

Forgiveness & Finding a Home Within

Forgiveness is essential for healing and growth. Every person and situation is a lesson. Every trigger we experience is a push from the universe to heal and a way to show us what needs to be removed! So pay attention to what triggers you!
If you see this message today, something needs to be released. Unfortunately, recurring toxic patterns will keep manifesting in new relationships and situations until we allow ourselves to be free from pain, anger, guilt, resentment, etc. One of the heaviest emotions we can carry is guilt and shame, which can paralyze us on our journey. Therefore, forgiving yourself for past situations and relationships is just as essential as forgiving another person.

I have a powerful forgiveness exercise in my book, Angel Magic. Forgiveness is not condoning what someone did to you; instead, it is a way to free yourself from this pain, learn, heal, and be stronger because of this situation. When you forgive, you release anger, which results in significant shifts, creative solutions to problems and situations in your life, and room for new, loving, and healthy relationships and situations. When you let go of your pain, you learn from your past. Learn and LET IT GO. You are not meant to carry it.

We all have our unique perspectives and experiences. However, what makes us powerful is our healing and growth. Not only is it powerful to forgive and let go, but it feels lovely to share your journey with others, which can also heal others by giving advice and guidance. When you heal, you heal the collective. Healing by forgiveness also opens you to an understanding you would never have known before. Pain or loss can be the death of many if they allow it to consume them, or they can transform it into wisdom and growth that will help manifest desires and heal themselves and others; as I have discovered for myself and with many others, it leads to your life purpose.

When you decide to forgive and let go, you will stop recurring toxic situations and relationships in your life. However, you will be tested from time to time. This requires grounding, spiritual maintenance (in Angel Magic), and firm, assertive boundaries. You need to be willing to say NO to your past, to people who try to dim your light, or subconsciously feel the distance you create between you and them. Yes, when you perform an etheric cord-cutting, it is common for the person you are trying to separate energetically from to feel this subconsciously and try to reach out to you.

Call upon Archangels Michael and Gabriel to assist you in releasing what no longer serves you, creating (and maintaining) boundaries you set, speaking your truth and being heard, new beginnings, and the courage and strength to do so. Archangel Michael can also assist you in shielding you from all toxic events, people, and situations if you ask him.

Be comfortable and trust yourself to be in control of your life and take control of it. Ask your Angels and spiritual team to guide you. Set your goals, and envision them daily. Feel, smell, and hear, your future for a few minutes every day. It is essential to see what you want to create and how you want to live. Speak your goals aloud, write them down, and create a vision board! Shift your perspective from fear, and judgment, to what you want to create and how you can serve, and know you deserve it!

Be at home within yourself. Forgive yourself and others. Open yourself up and make room for new.

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities. Love and Angel Blessings, Kate

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