Healing with Archangel Raphael

Healing with Archangel Raphael

Every aspect of our lives could use some healing. However, if you think about every part of your life that needs healing, it may leave you feeling overwhelmed! I love working with Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of healing, because you do not have to be specific to receive healing and assistance.
Some days, as a Mother of four running multiple businesses out of my home, I feel anxious, ungrounded, and I don't know why. And to be honest, I do not have time to sit and reflect on what exactly is the root cause of my rough days. I work with Angels because all they require is to ask and act as you receive intuitive nudges in response to your prayers, angelic spells (I teach in my book Angel Magic), or affirmations. Invite them to help you; They are eager to do so! When working with Archangel Raphael ( I do daily), it only takes a second to ask for his help. If you are physically ill, struggling emotionally, financially, relationships strained, all you have to do is, aloud or in your mind, say, "Please send me healing in all areas of my life." And that is all it takes!
Archangel Raphael is one of my favorite Archangels to work with. He can assist you in healing in all areas of your life; emotionally, spiritually, physically, relationship healing, healing for others, and so much more!

My goal for this blog and my past blogs is to assist you in remembering to ask while in your moments of distress, sadness, or pain that all you have to do is ask!
So I have made it clear that Archangel Raphael can send you healing in many ways. I will now go a little more in-depth on different areas you can receive assistance from him that you may not realize.

Physical Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle

Archangel Raphael can assist you in living a healthy life. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, or like many say, "eating healthy is too expensive," all you have to do is ASK. Say aloud or in your mind, "Please guide me to healthful foods and drinks. Help me release attachments to unhealthy food and substances."
The first time I tried this, I almost immediately could not tolerate meat. I would touch the meat as I was preparing to cook, and my skin would break out into a rash, and all I could smell was the farm the animal came from when I was around it. Pop (what we call soda in Michigan) tasted like syrup, and I couldn't drink it anymore. I am not saying that it is wrong to eat meat; I do now occasionally, that is a personal choice and preference. However, no meat diet was just what my body needed at the time. I always ask him to go to the grocery store with me, and not only do I shop healthier, I always find the best deals!
Archangel Raphael helps you crave healthy foods and also assists you in finding anything else your body and soul need to have a healthy life, including better sleep, nudges to join a gym, or take a yoga class. In my experience, I have been guided to just the right vitamins and supplements that have completely transformed my mind, body, and soul. He will even send you the motivation to make the necessary changes for a healthy life.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction(s) of any kind, if you want to quit drinking or smoking, call upon Archangel Raphael. I struggled with alcohol, which I go into depth about in my book Angel Magic, and Archangel Raphael helped me immensely during that healing process. Archangel Raphael can ease cravings and assist you or your loved ones with healthy ways to replace these unhealthful habits with something that brings you joy and fulfillment. I am not discrediting other treatment methods; you can use angelic healing in conjunction with any other traditional healing method. Another excellent recommendation I would have is to carry an amethyst with you. If you struggle with addiction, or for any reason, it is one of my favorite crystals with many healing properties, one being that amethyst will assist with moderation and can help ease cravings.

Assistance for Healers
Archangel Raphael loves to help healers! Do you want to start a healing-based business? A healing-based business such as reiki, counseling, angelic healing, mediumship, farming, and so on. Call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you with anything you need. For example, Money for classes and business expenses, opportunities, finding the perfect business space, the best schools or courses to receive necessary certifications, or finding the ideal career related to your interests. I posted a blog on Starting or Enhancing a Business Using Angel Magic where I go more in-depth on how to call upon your Angels for assistance with business and your career.

What you can do today to enhance your intentions to heal
Like I said above, you only have to ask! Once you do, your angels or spirit team may guide you to practice more self-care as self-care is vital to our health and well-being. Take a bath in healing salts, perform a healing ritual, light a candle, take time to meditate, and pray daily! Listen to binaural beats, music frequencies for healing; there are many on YouTube. I like to listen to healing frequencies in the bath, shower, or before sleeping.
Always have a book on your nightstand; I have a few! I love to read at least a couple at a time, one book for fun and learning in an area of my interest. Once you ask your angels to assist and guide you, you may be intuitively guided to the perfect books to read (If you are a reader). I receive a lot of messages through the books I read. I feel as if it was written for me because it is so spot on to what I needed to hear at that time.

Working with angels is simple yet powerful. It does not take an hour of meditation a day. Your intention is all it takes. Ask and then act. In most situations, our goals do not manifest without effort and action, including healing! To manifest change, you have to get out of your comfort zone, try new things, and follow your intuition.

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I hope you have a magical day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities.
Love, Kate

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