How to Let Go of Past Pain to Manifest Your Desires

Today's message is essential and has been repeated throughout this past week, so I will share what I am hearing. 


If you are trying to manifest something, then something you are clinging to needs to be released to create the space for what you want! This can be a habit, an ex, past trauma and pain, and harmful habits that create toxic reccuring patterns in your life. For example, if you are trying to manifest the perfect partner, you must be willing to release what attracts your past negative, toxic relationships. To attract healthy, loving relationships, you must date yourself for a while! Nurture yourself, MAKE time for yourself, raise the vibration of you and your space, and tune into the vibration of love! You can only love and manifest love that matches the vibration and depth you have met and love yourself. You can't attract prince charming if you do not feel worthy of love; you will attract what you believe you deserve. If you are clinging to past relationships that caused you to feel jealous and angry or bring back traumatic situations, you are still in that lower vibrational state. 


How to release past pain:

  1. Call upon Archangel Michael to surround you, and cut all cords of negativity, fear, and pain between you and ______. (This can be a specific person, memory, or place.) 
  2. Ask Archangel Michael to send your energy back.
  3. Ask Archangel Raphael to send you healing.
  4. Ask Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel to help you set solid, energetic boundaries and have to courage and strength to maintain them. 
  5. Trust yourself to make different, healthy choices, and take action for your highest good. You are healed. 

Note that you will be tested to ensure you learn the lessons these relationships and situations give you. Forgiveness is also an essential part of healing, see my book for more healing tips here.


Today's reading also discussed how it is time to take care of yourself and MAKE the time. And allow others to help you and be open to a different perspective of others. In addition, if you are trying to manifest change, you must be open to new ideas and creative solutions. God/Source and your spiritual team are trying to give you answers and send you opportunities that will come after releasing, loving yourself, and being open to new ideas. If you aren't willing to change, how will you manifest change? 


I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities.


Love and Angel Blessings,



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