How to Manifest Your Soulmate Using Angel Magic

How to Manifest Your Soulmate Using Angel Magic

The definition of a soulmate varies depending on who you ask. I have found that a soulmate is someone you feel a deep, instant connection with from my studies. Someone who understands you on a soul level. Even if you are different, your love and relationship seem effortless.
Soulmates are not all romantic. A soulmate can be a beloved pet, relative, friend, or co-worker.
Soulmates formed an agreement before incarnating to teach each other important lessons essential to your soul's growth and ascension. Not all soulmate relationships are what you may perceive as positive. You can share a soulmate connection with someone who may have caused you pain or even trauma; these are also called karmic relationships. This is because there is a lesson in each relationship in our life. The reason is to take those experiences and use them to grow.
Once a painful relationship ends, it is essential to forgive yourself and those involved and to understand the lesson and, in many cases, patterns. Lessons that are not learned will keep manifesting themselves in the form of relationships to ensure you can learn and grow from them. For example, Have you or anyone you know ever said, "I always seem to attract the same type of person!"

How to Call In Your Soulmate

Once you can understand past lessons, release them with love and forgiveness, you can then clear your canvas, so to speak, and create a new picture for the love you wish to manifest. If you don't, the past relationships will seep into your new ones. Call upon your Angels to assist you in healing, forgiveness, and cord-cutting. I teach these techniques in my book, Angel Magic.

Once you have a clear canvas, it is time to manifest a healthy, loving, soulmate relationship. I will list my methods below.

Write It Down

Make a list of all qualities you want your soulmate to have. It is essential to know that we can only love others and be loved as deep as we have met ourselves. So after you have made your list, you need to bring out these traits in yourself. For example, if you want an intelligent partner with a great sense of humor, watch funny movies, start being more playful, crack jokes, and study your favorite topics. We attract relationships that mirror our personal beliefs about ourselves. So how do you do this? The answer is in the tip below!

Work with Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel has helped my clients and me immensely manifest love and self-love. Archangel Jophiel will help you see the beauty in all things, including yourself, and view every person and situation with unconditional love and understanding. I am passionate about working with Angels because they are powerful and easy to communicate with. All you have to do is ask! Ask for Archangel Jophiel to help you love yourself and to assist you in manifesting a romantic soul mate. After you have requested, follow any intuitive nudges you receive as a result. For example, you may be motivated to join a gym, or you may notice that toxic people in your life seem to leave your life peacefully. However, we must be mindful of the company you keep. If harmful and toxic individuals surround you, it is incredibly difficult to manifest a high vibrational, romantic relationship.

Beautify Your Space

This may come naturally as well as you decide to work with Archangel Jophiel, like the Feng-shui Archangel. She will motivate you to clear the clutter in your home, donate what you don't need, and assist you in decorating to raise the vibration of your space.
This step was vital for me in my healing and magical work. The clearing and cleaning process is therapeutic. I found as I was throwing away and going through old things, clearing the physical clutter brought wounds and past traumas to the surface. As these painful memories appeared in my mind, I asked them to be transmuted into love, just as I donated my physical items.
After you clean and clear your space, the fun part is surrounding yourself with beauty. I have many DIY decorating ideas on a budget, as when I started this process, I didn't have a lot of money. I loved to find beautiful pictures on Pinterest or my favorite affirmations, and I would laminate them and turn them into magnets or put them in old frames I had.
Paint your pictures that have personal meaning. Keep fresh flowers in the house. When money was tight, I picked wildflowers and put them in mason jars in my favorite rooms. Every little detail will make a huge difference, whatever makes you feel good and comfortable, like candles, incense, oils, or crystals. With a high vibrational space, you will experience increased energy levels, motivation, and inspiration, essential for manifestation.


Never underestimate the power of affirmations. Affirmations are an excellent tool to instantly shift you from a negative, self-sabotaging mindset to manifesting your desires. Every thought is manifested into your reality, be mindful of your mental dialogue with yourself. Say silently or aloud affirmations if you feel anxiety, stress, fear, or anger. I have a fantastic app on my phone that sends me affirmation notifications every hour! Affirmations will assist you greatly in manifesting love and abundance.

Magical Work

Spells and rituals are excellent tools for enhancing your intentions. I recommend calling Archangel Jophiel to assist you with your magic when manifesting love. I would also recommend self-love spells before specific love spells. Then, if you love yourself, you will attract the love you desire. Warmness on the Soul has love ritual kits with everything you need. In my book Angel Magic, I also teach how to perform an angelic spell.
Carry rose quartz with you! Rose quartz will assist you in self-love and healing and opening the heart chakra.

Follow Your Intuition

For growth and manifestation, it is essential to listen to your intuition. Inner dialogue and inspired thought is spirit's way of guiding you to manifest what you desire. Follow intuitive nudges you receive. For example, you may feel the urge to take a class or join the gym. Following this nudge could answer your prayers for self-confidence, and you could make a new friend that will introduce you to your soulmate! You have to get out of your comfort zone, take chances, and try new things. Acting on inspired ideas, trying new things, and following our intuition is how we grow, and of course, manifest! You have to move to make a change!

I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities. Love, Kate

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