In A Chrysalis With Archangel Nathaniel

In A Chrysalis With Archangel Nathaniel

I have never been big on setting New Year's resolutions; I go by my feelings and nudges I receive from spirit on when it is time to act and when it is time to rest. 

However, this past week has confirmed that I am not alone; I have learned that the first of the year is not only not recognized as the new year for many in the spiritual community (look that up, it is pretty interesting!) but also not a time to act! 

Winter is a time of rest, reflection, planning, and goal setting, but only sometimes, working. I am not saying call in to work for a month; I mean resting whenever possible while allowing this cycle we are experiencing to recharge us before acting on these "New Year's Resolutions."

However, you can be guided at any time to act when opportunities or inspiration are there; this is where your inner voice, intuition, and spiritual team are needed. This year, I have been forcing myself to channel this inspiration and motivation into planning, organization, and journaling so that when the moment is right or divinely guided, I will burst with energy and know exactly what to do. 

I called in Archangel Nathaniel to guide me through this time. Not only are we in the planning and rest phase, but a powerful and uncomfortable transformation for many. He has shed light on many areas I have been in desperate need of clarity and direction. Before I go into his message, I will list Archangel Nathaniel's specialties. 

I call him the "Moldavite of Archangels' for a reason! Read last year's blog to learn more about this mighty Archangel here


How Archangel Nathaniel Can Help You


-Assistance finding your life purpose

-Automatic writing


-Transformation, support through change and shifts

-Cleansing & Protection

-Motivation, Passion & Enthusiasm

-Belief, faith in yourself


-Inspires us to follow our passions and TRUE desires

-Helps us share our passions to benefit others

-Helps keep us grounded

-Helps with spirit connection & raising your vibration

-Helps you meditate if you struggle to clear your mind and stay grounded

-Helps overcome obstacles

-Helps you shed and heal the past

-Inner Peace & Confidence

-Brings clarity to your TRUE desires, much like Archangel Orion

-Helps overcome procrastination

- Helps us prepare for shifts and accept change with grace

-Helps with decision making

-Helps you clear yourself and detach from what is no longer serving you

-Helps encourage you to clear clutter (energetically and physically)

-Will help clear anything or anyone hindering your path (peacefully)

-Encourages you to live a more eco-friendly and healthy life


This is a massive period of transformation; we are in our chrysalis. Preparing, resting, and receiving downloads and upgrades to have the courage, strength, confidence, and direction we need to live our best lives and fulfill our purpose. Archangel Nathaniel gave me helpful tips to successfully make it through this challenging and uncomfortable time. 



"You need to rest. Not for only a day; you need to fully commit to rest. Sign off social media, silence your phone, say no to unreasonable requests of your time, and truly REST. I see how this is difficult for many because you feel that if you stop, you are hindering your progress or missing opportunities; this is not true; your programming tells you to feel guilty and that non-stop work is required. When, in fact, rest not only improves your health and energy levels, but it allows you the time to receive guidance from spirit, which also results in the clarity that you have been asking for. 

Truth is the next layer of this chrysalis phase; you are forced to speak your truth in relationships and with yourself. When you allow yourself to speak your truth and are forced to sit with yourself during this time, you can be honest about your true desires and what is no longer working for you. 

Rest and truth are bringing clarity in all aspects of your life; your relationships, your goals, what your body needs (it will be speaking to you loud and clear if you don't already hear its messages), and your hobbies and interests will be more aligned with your authentic self. 

Allow yourself to set new goals and cross off old goals you didn't hit last year (they may be formed with outworn beliefs from your past, unhealed self that are no longer aligned with your authentic self)

Get more in touch with your body; it is the temple that houses your soul. Treat it as such! This is where that truth and clarity come in; you are being guided and given the motivation to take better care of your physical body. This will come in the form of cutting out toxic habits such as diet, alcohol, and drugs, getting more exercise, and connecting with Mother Earth daily (if you live in a colder climate, spend more time tending to your house plants, meditation, eating root vegetables, and purchasing a grounding mat).

If you feel like every task is a chore and you struggle to complete your to-do list, your body tells you it's time to rest and/or delegate tasks. 

Take the weight of the world off your shoulders. It is not all on you all the time. 

Ask God/Source/The Universe to send me (Archangel Nathaniel) to you, and I will guide you through this powerful transformation." 


Tips To Get Through Your Chrysalis Phase:


-Journal-Write anything! Your thoughts, and to-do list, include self-care, signs and synchronicities, dreams, and so on. Writing is a beautiful way to express yourself creatively, energetically release stress, and receive messages and creative solutions from spirit. Get my 2023 Angel Magic Daily Planner and matching journal/book of shadows here


-Use crystals! I received a message last week: "You have spiritual tools lying all around your house; use them!

Crystals to boost your connection to Archangel Nathaniel: Tigers Eye, Carnelian, Moldavite, & Red Jasper.


-Candle Magic! Learn about Angel Candle Magic in my book, here


Candle colors recommended to boost your connection to Nathaniel: Red & Orange.


If you are struggling, hang in there, it is safe for you to rest! 


I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities. 


Love & Angel Blessings,







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