Is A Deceased Loved One Trying to Communicate With You? 5 Signs & How to Respond

Is A Deceased Loved One Trying to Communicate With You? 5 Signs & How to Respond

Waking up from an emotional, vivid dream and messages from friends and family experiencing visitations from their loved ones the past few days, I decided to write about the common ways our loved ones communicate with us and how to respond. Mediumship and spirit communication are my passions, and I love to teach and talk about this subject as it has transformed my life and brought my loved ones and me so much healing and peace.

Our loved ones are with us whenever we think of them! They are not dead; they are alive and want you to live a whole and happy life. They visit us often to bring us comfort, guidance, and love. They communicate with us in many ways; I will list the top 5 most common myself, clients, family, and friends' experiences. I will be using personal examples as well.


Many of us are busy and distracted throughout our day; our loved ones visit us in our dreams. In my experience, every dream visitation I have had has been vivid, emotional, and healing. For example, I had a dream last night that my Grandfather and Grandmother were eating lunch together at a family get-together. My Grandfather passed away over a year ago, and his death has significantly impacted my life and my family, especially my Grandmother. Seeing him eating next to her was reassuring as I worried about my Grandmother being lonely. He told me he is always with her, even eating dinner. The messages do not have to be significant; it is usually simple and to the point, or they are just there with you and sometimes do not speak.
If you wish to have a dream visitation before bed, call upon Archangels Michael and Azrael to assist you in communication with a specific person while you sleep. You may not remember your dream upon waking, but you will see a sign of confirmation the next day.

Nature & Coins

One of the most common ways I have experienced is signs through nature and coins. Our loved ones leave us feathers, coins, and specific birds (cardinals and bluejays are typical for me). I will give an example of coins. My brother's used to have coin wars where they threw coins at each other; it was silly but common. I would always get frustrated after they left my house because I would have to clean up coins everywhere, inside and outside. The day my brother passed away, I was feeling guilty; he had asked me to wash his work clothes, and having three small children, I completely forgot, and as he left, I apologized over and over because he had work the next day and long drive home that night. Doing laundry the next day (the day he passed away), I broke down because he had asked me to do his laundry, and I didn't. Crying while opening my dryer, coins flew out at me; it wasn't even running when I opened the door! I realized he was reassuring me that it was ok and to let go of the guilt! He now leaves coins all over my house; I no longer complain about picking them up.
You can ask for signs to be presented to you, and you will begin to associate who they are from after you regularly ask for signs from your angels and loved ones. For example, my Grandfather sends me bluejays, and my brother, cardinals, and pigeons.

My brother sends me pigeons because he knew I would associate them with him because of this picture he took. 


Music is a beautiful way our loved ones connect with us and let us know they are there. It took me a year or so to listen to 'So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold as my brother and I shared a love for their music, and we played this specific song at his funeral. Music can make you feel so many emotions; often, it is painful! When I clean my home, I like to hit shuffle on my playlist and ask my angels and spirit team to take control of it and send me what I need to hear. If you play music while doing chores, working, or exercising, pay attention to the pictures you see and the emotions you feel while listening to songs that make you emotional. There is a reason your wounds are being reopened; aspects of your grief still have been repressed and need to be revisited, no matter how painful. Allow yourself to FEEL your emotions; music is powerful and healing.
Our loved ones will send us songs that they know will remind you of them to help you heal and bring you comfort, knowing they are there.

Synchronistic Events

Synchronistic events are fun, reassuring, and magical! Have you ever thought of your loved one, and immediately or shortly after, you hear their name on the television, hear a song that reminds you of them, or come across their picture in your newsfeed? Synchronistic events are a common way our loved ones connect with us and get our attention. Synchronistic events are also excellent for reassurance after a mediumship session; I often receive messages that my clients experienced synchronicity after their reading. Nothing is a coincidence!

Intuitive Nudges

Our loved ones are the same in the afterlife as they are while they are in the physical. An example, my Grandfather was extremely health-conscious his entire life, he had cupboards full of vitamins, supplements, and minerals, and we went to him every time we needed a natural remedy. As a result, I hear his voice often while cooking to use organic foods and take more vitamins; he has even led me to new vitamins and supplements that have transformed my health after he passed.
Our loved ones send us intuitive nudges often; they can even help you make decisions and guide you when you feel lost. So ask, and then act on any inspired ideas or intuitive nudges you receive after asking them for assistance.
You may even see your loved one's face quickly flash in your psychic vision at a random time. This happens to me a lot while cooking and cleaning as I am in a more receptive, almost meditative state. If this happens to you, pay attention to any impressions you receive after seeing their face or just sensing their energy. James Van Praagh says we all have a unique energetic fingerprint and recognize others' energy when they are near, especially if we have a close connection with the person.

If you have experienced any of these and would like to experience more, ask your angels and loved ones to assist you! Ask for signs to be made clear, to surround you with signs and synchronicities daily, and to help bring peace and acceptance while still feeling that connection you crave. We never die; your loved one is here with you, right now! So ask them what they want to tell you, and TRUST what you receive!

I hope your day is filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities! Love and Blessings, Kate

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