It's happening FOR you, not TO you!

It's happening FOR you, not TO you!

Wow! Today's message of the day is POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL! Today's message is to reassure you that your past and current situations and relationships are happening FOR you, not TO you!

It is time to drop any victim mindset or insecurities about yourself. Do you project yourself to the world the way you want to? For example, if you knew that everyone looked up to you, respected you, and money was not an obstacle, how would you project yourself? What would you wear? How would you speak? What would you do? These questions will lead you to who you are. Authenticity is critical right now! Be brave, stand up for your beliefs, and be comfortable there (even though it can be difficult at times) Because the world needs what you have, we are all different for a reason. We need to start celebrating each other's differences.

It is up to you; living an authentic life will not only put you on the path of your life purpose, but it will draw in your soul tribe, situations, and opportunities that match your vibration, and there you will live a fulfilled life and be a magnet for love and abundance.

So, anything in your life that is 'happening' to you at this time is due to your prayers, affirmations, spells, and intentions. You have been praying for change, and it is here! So, embrace the unknown and moments you feel scared or uncomfortable as they are happening to manifest your desires, not bring you pain.

We are experiencing clarity; you are seeing things, people, and situations as they are. Trust what you see and feel as your emotions and intuition guide you to make the right decisions and take action for the greater good of all involved.

Call upon Archangel Michael for courage, strength, protection, and guidance, and assist you in removing what is blocking you from living the life you want. Archangel Gabriel for new beginnings, speaking your truth with love, and Michael and Gabriel together will assist you in creating healthy boundaries to protect you from harsh energies or people.

If you have not already, check out my book, Angel Magic, available in paperback, kindle, and audiobook.

Remember, you are never alone; call upon your angels and spiritual team to assist you during this beautiful transformation that is here.

I hope you have a magical day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities. Love and Blessings, Kate


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