Love is a mindset. | How To Attract Love and Heal Existing Relationships Using Angel Magic

Love is a mindset. | How To Attract Love and Heal Existing Relationships Using Angel Magic


Angel Magic is a simple and powerful way to attract love and heal existing relationships. Angel magic is my own, simple form of witchcraft that I combined with Angelic healing. Angels are non-denominational and are eager to assist you in any area of your life. All you have to do is ask!

Angel Magic: A Complete Guide to Healing and ManifestingSetting the intention to attract love into your life starts with you. You have to not only be putting out the vibration of love as you are setting intentions, but you have to surround yourself with love and beauty. I will go over this more below. One of the most common things I hear from friends, family, and clients is, “I Always attract ____ type of person!” This statement alone is a self-fulfilling prophecy as what we put out and believe will be returned to us.
When we tell ourselves these things or talk about them with other people, this is what we will receive! Try flipping that to, “I am healed, and I only attract healthy, balanced, and loving relationships.” I’m going to go over steps to assist you in manifesting healthy love and to heal existing relationships. Before we go over a few tips on manifesting and healing love, you need to know that love is a mindset.
When you love yourself, when you’re grateful for what you have, and when you can be content and at peace with yourself, you will attract more to you that matches that vibration. Love is a mindset. Tune in! I go into this topic in-depth in my book, Angel Magic. I am also starting another book this year, Angel Magic-Relationships. I will announce the release date soon.

Tips for Manifesting Love and Healing Existing Relationships.

I have noticed a lot when working with clients; many complain of their exes and blame them for their behavior, actions, and current and future relationships. Taking responsibility is the first step I will address and critical in healing and manifesting.

You have to allow yourself to take full responsibility for your current situations, decisions, and relationships. Whether you believe it or not, your thoughts and beliefs manifest your reality, including your relationships. I would recommend making a list of what relationships stand out the most to you.
What relationships had the most significant effect on you, negative and positive. Look at the patterns between each one and how they made you feel. What role did you play in this relationship? Don’t be afraid, be honest with yourself. If you are honest with yourself, you will manifest what you desire faster.

Most of the time, the most difficult relationships to let go of are the most important lessons. Have you ever felt such a strong attraction to someone and knew the individual was no good for you?
These types of relationships are your biggest lessons, and the sooner you can acknowledge the lesson, the faster you will be able to break toxic relationship patterns. Looking at everything that happens to you in your life, whether you perceive it as good or bad, are lessons.

Every person in your life, every heartbreak, every pet, speeding ticket, and argument is a lesson. It will be much easier to figure out the patterns, lessons, take responsibility, heal, and release when you can shift your perspective in this way.

I love the quote, “You either get bitter, or you get better. It’s that simple. You either take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person, or you allow it to tear you down. The choice does not belong to fate; it belongs to you.”- Josh Shipp.

Happiness is a choice, and letting go of victim mentality, blame, shame, guilt, and fear is not saying, “It’s ok that you hurt me.” Instead, you are releasing that pain and calling your energy back to you! You no longer allow these past traumas, relationships, feelings, or situations to have the wheel and shape all of your actions and behaviors.
Ask your Angels and Archangel Michael to assist you in releasing any victim mentality, feelings of unworthiness, or any other negative, self-sabotaging blockages that hold you back from peace, love, happiness, and abundance that we ALL deserve.

So once we have asked our Angels to help Us release our exes, past pain and call all of our energy back to us, it is time to surround ourselves with the vibration and feelings of love and beauty.

There are many ways to surround ourselves with love and beauty. I will list some of my favorites below.

-Call upon Archangel Jophiel to help you see the beauty in all things, including yourself. She will also assist you in clearing your physical space of any clutter or items you do not need.

-Call upon Archangel Michael to keep all toxic events, people, and situations away from you and your family. Call all of your energy back to you daily with the help of Archangel Michael. He will also give you strength, courage, direction, and protection.

-Wear, carry with you, or place rose quartz crystal in your home!

Rose Quartz Crystals

-Spray Rose Water in your home or on yourself! You can make your own or purchase it.

- Wear your favorite shade of lipstick for no reason! (one of my personal favorites)

-Light a candle to feel love and attract love to you.

-Repeat affirmations

-Ground daily, get out in nature, go for a walk! Spending time in nature grounds you as well as raises your vibration.

-Surround yourself with positive people, set boundaries for the negative people in your life that you have a hard time avoiding, like negative or toxic family members, co-workers, and so on. Adding these boundaries with a daily self-care routine will raise your vibration and move people out of your life accordingly. As your vibration increases, lower vibrational individuals will find it physically uncomfortable to be around you and avoid you at all costs without even realizing it!

-Take a bath! Light candles, add crystals, herbs, and salts. You can add specific herbs, oils, and candles to match your intention for each bath. I sell intention bath mixes in my store.

Love Spell Bath Kit

-Even if you are staying home, dress in fresh, clean clothes. Also, style your hair, whatever makes you feel more confident. These little steps are self-care and make a massive difference in your day, especially if you make an effort most days. I understand the need to stay in sweats and a T-shirt somedays. Those days are necessary but should not be a habit.

-Listen to your intuition, get out of your comfort zone, accept opportunities as they come along, even if they feel a little uncomfortable. You have to make a change to have change!

Check out my book Angel Magic. I have chapters on relationship magic and magic for the mundane; To make even the most minutiae tasks throughout your day feel like magic!

Angel Magic is available on or Amazon and also available on Amazon Kindle for $.99 for a limited time!

I hope you have a magical day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities.
Love and Angel Blessings, Kate

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