Magic With Archangel Michael

Magic With Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the most well-known and revered of all the Archangels. Although his presence is strong and at first a little intimidating, he is easy to communicate and work with and he is eager to assist you in your magical work and daily life. His color is blue. When I work with Archangel Michael, I often see blue sparkles of light in the room.
Michael is an Archangel that is excellent to work with on a daily basis. He is known for being the Archangel of protection, but he has other specialties too that we will go over. To work with him all you need to do is ask, he does not require deep meditation, prayer, or ritual to invoke him. You do not have to be specific, just envisioning him next to you is enough. He will instantly be at your side for you and your loved ones.

Here are some of Archangel Michael's specialties that can assist you in your magical work, healing, manifesting, protection, and more!


Call upon Archangel Michael to protect you before divination, spells, rituals, or any other kind of spiritual work. As I said, it takes thought, I ask him to join me and I envision myself in a bubble of white light. You can call upon him to protect and shield your home, pets, family, friends, even your community. He will not only protect you from harm, but you can also ask him to keep all toxic events, people, and situations away from you and your family. I even ask him to filter my social media newsfeed from toxic and negative posts.


Call upon Archangel Michael to clear you, your home, even objects of negative energies or entities. I ask for Michael to clear my home, myself, and my family at bedtime before I ask him to shield my home from harm of any kind as we sleep. Not only can he assist you in clearing your home, but he can clear your crystals by asking and envisioning white light around it, as well as your body, your vehicle, and your phone! All it takes is asking, intention, and belief!

Etheric Cord Cutting

We form energetic cords when we give our energy away. We share cords with our spouses, children, relatives, friends, and so on. These cords can also form between people, places, events, current events, and items. These cords need to be cut regularly to avoid feeling drained, depressed, and to avoid absorbing the emotions of others. Cord-cutting is essential for healing from toxic relationships, traumatic experiences, and letting go of the past. Don't worry, you can't sever cords of love!
Call upon Archangel Michael to cut all cords of negativity and fear connected to you and to send all of your energy back to you. This should be done daily or whenever you feel drained, sad, or upset. I have a quick exercise in my book Angel Magic.

Life Purpose

Call upon Archangel Michael to assist you in finding your life purpose! Once you ask for his assistance, he will send you intuitive nudges that will guide you to living a fulfilling, abundant, and happy life. He will lead you to your passions, which will lead you to your life purpose. Your life purpose is not always a career, it can simply be to bring light to the world, or to be a trustworthy person that brings comfort and joy to the world. He will also guide you to the perfect career that best aligns with your life purpose. He will send you the courage, power, and inspiration to act once you ask him to guide you to your life purpose, trust the information and nudges you receive!

Electrical & Mechanical Issues

Call upon Archangel Michael for car or electrical issues, if you are trying to figure out computer problems, or if you need help fixing an appliance in your home! My husband likes to work on our vehicles on his own and he always asks Archangel Michael to join him. Not only does his projects always run smoothly, but he finds great deals on car parts and the sun is almost always shining!


Call upon Archangel Michael to assist you in creating healthy boundaries in your relationships. He will help you stay strong, and give you the courage to stand up for yourself and others. He has helped me with this many times. I used to be very passive and I have always been sensitive. He has helped me immensely in speaking my truth with love. I have had to stand up for myself in the past and felt like he took over my voice, I said things that I didn't know where they were coming from. A specific situation I will never forget is when I had to stand up to someone I love struggling with addiction to protect myself. I quickly asked Archangel Michael to help me find the words to help me get through the situation. I can't even recall to this day what I said, but whatever I said triggered the person I love to go get the help he needed and he has now been sober for 3 years.


Call upon Archangel Michael for courage! He can assist you in job interviews, dealing with difficult social situations, standing up for yourself and others, making moves in your career, or any situation that is uncomfortable that requires you to be strong and bold!


Archangel Michael can assist you in your magical work. He can assist you in protection, clearing negative energies, releasing what no longer serves you, and manifestation magic to help you with your life purpose, career, or passions.

If you are interested in learning more about Angel Magic, check out my book! Archangel Michael is very helpful in giving your magic and intentions a considerable boost, just remember to ask and believe.

I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities. Love, Kate

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