Ostara Magic

Ostara Magic

Ostara is one of my favorite sabbats! Ostara falls on the spring equinox. A time of perfect balance as light and dark are equal in length. For Ostara, we celebrate the return of the Sun God and the promise of summer, new beginnings, fertility, balance, rebirth, and renewal. 

It is time to take action on your hopes set at Imbolc. Ostara does not have to celebrate on this particular day (March 20th); you can observe for the entire week! 


I love to incorporate Angels in my magical and spiritual work if you are familiar with my teachings. 


Archangels for Ostara:


Archangel Gabriel-new beginnings, communication, pregnancy, rebirth, parenting, inspiration, creativity, and communication of any kind (written, oral, spirit connection)


Archangel Jophiel- to see the beauty in all things (including yourself) spring cleaning, decluttering, redecorating.


Archangel Raguel- Balance, fairness, legal battles, decision making, healing of relationships, conflict resolution


Archangel Chamuel- Wonderful to assist with new beginnings as she will assist you in finding anything! Love, friendships, career, new home, even your lost keys! 


Archangel Metatron: Chakra clearing, multitasking, sorting your priorities helps you accomplish your tasks by giving you inspiration, energy, motivation, and time to focus on your goals. Child-rearing , helps children that are sensitive or with psychic abilities. 


Archangel Michael- Courage, motivation, direction towards your life purpose, removing what no longer serves you, protection, etheric cord cutting, clearing your home energetically. 


You can call upon these powerful Archangels to help you at any time. All you have to do is ask! They cannot intervene with our free will choices, so asking is essential!


These are a few ways that my family and I celebrate Ostara!


Color Eggs


My children and I love to color eggs! We use a crayon and write wishes or goals on them before we dye them. I usually do this the day before, and we have an egg hunt the day of Ostara. 

I like to take a freshly laid egg (Fortunately, my neighbors have ducks) and bury it outside near my front door to attract good fortune, health, love, and new beginnings. I ask Archangel Gabriel to bless the egg as she is wonderful to assist you in new beginnings. You can also write specific intentions or draw sigils (I teach a simple sigil technique in my book, Angel Magic) on the egg. The egg does not have to be freshly laid; any kind is acceptable! Your intention is everything!


Decorate your Altar


Decorate your home and altar to raise the vibration of your space using symbols of Ostara such as bunnies, eggs, and pastel colors to assist you in enhancing your Ostara intentions! Below are some Ostara correspondences for inspiration and spellwork; Pinterest is also excellent for ideas!


Herbs/Flowers: Lemongrass, honeysuckle, jasmine, high john root, primrose, violet, tulips


Crystals: Ruby, citrine, bloodstone, aventurine, agate


Colors: Yellow, violet, silver, light blue, pink, green.


Decorate with these colors, place crystals with intention, have fun, and be creative! 


Clear & Clean Your Space


A perfect way to prepare for spring and new beginnings is to clean and clear your space! Make room for new! Declutter, donate what you don't need! Smudge your space; call upon Archangels Michael and Jophiel to assist you! They will help remove any negative energies and give you motivation, inspiration, and time to help you clean and clear not just your home but yourself! In addition, Archangel Jophiel will help you see the beauty in all things, including yourself! 


Magical Work

I teach how to perform an angelic spell in my book Angel Magic. The best magical focuses for Ostara are fertility spells, love, manifestation, prosperity, new beginnings, transformation, and cleansing. As I always say, you make the rules! You do not have to wait for Ostara to perform these spells, but the energies associated with this time boost your magic and intentions! 


Plant Seeds


Literally and metaphorically! Set intentions, I have a whole chapter on manifestation magic in Angel Magic.

Plan your garden, or get your herb garden started inside until the ground is ready for them! 


Seeds that grow well indoors:


Thyme: Self-confidence, courage, removes negativity, promotes good fortune


Rosemary: Protection, cleansing, purification can substitute any herb in a spell


Mint: Prosperity improves communication in all forms, removes bad luck streaks and negativity





Make egg-related dishes or bake hot cross buns, a traditional food representing Ostara. Pinterest has so many wonderful recipes and inspiration for spring-related dishes. 


Plan Your Faerie Garden


Plan your faerie garden! One of my favorite Ostara activities and passions. Start to set aside recycled items (faeries love when you reuse and recycle) and plan your faerie garden! Plan your area, start creating your faerie garden trinkets! I move my Faerie garden decor inside for the winter; this is an exciting time to get it all out. Make a list of items you need to order and seeds you would like to plant for the Faeries. 


Flowers that help attract Faeries:

-Black-Eyed Susan



















Give Your Children Ostara Baskets


I was raised Christian, and I loved the Easter basket tradition as a kid and wanted to carry it to my children without the Christian tradition. So I purchase, or we plant a small potted plant for each child, a few candies, outdoor activities like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and outdoor games in a basket for them. Then, they use their basket for hunting the eggs that they color. It was a simple transition as we say the 'Ostara Bunny gives them.' My kids and I love it! 


Ostara is a beautiful holiday, and I love to celebrate every year!

But, don't overthink it; if you do not have the time or the means to do some of these activities, bury an egg and set a goal! 


I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities. 


Blessed Ostara!


Love, Kate


















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