Soulmates in Spirit | A Wave of Guides for New Beginnings

Soulmates in Spirit | A Wave of Guides for New Beginnings

I shared on the 12.12 portal a new wave of creative, inspirational, and organizational energy coming in, but what I missed until it clicked last night was; also a new wave of spirit guides is here to guide us in the next step of our ascension.

A new guide appeared for me a few weeks back after performing a Pleiadian activation. This being of light appeared a few days later during a mediumship session I was performing. My new guide's message was personal to me and resonated. As a result, I experienced more clarity than ever, been guided to natural healing remedies, creative inspiration, no stress or anxiety, and the list goes on.

In the past week's readings I have performed for my clients, and even today, I notice guides that present themselves as new to my client with similar messages. They have informed me that they are here to act as a new guide; and for a particular purpose; to help reclaim personal power and boost courage, motivation, and clarity to express driving passions.

This guidance is coming through loud and clear to those that are open. Not only are this new wave of spirit guides here for divine guidance, but and support and protection.

I have heard and given messages of "You are loved and supported" many times. However, I never realized I didn't fully grasp how much we are loved and supported until now. Not only are we loved and supported, but also SURROUNDED by a spiritual family of angels, our guides, ancestors, ascended masters, and galactic beings, surrounding you every moment of every day on standby and ready to give you what you need at that moment.

I heard, "We are here; we know what you need even more before you do. By the time you realize you need help, healing, love, and support, we already know; all you need to do is accept; you don't even have to be specific because we ALREADY KNOW."

We did not incarnate alone, either. As we allow ourselves to release what no longer serves us, we are creating that space for new soulmate relationships to enter; if they haven't appeared yet, they will soon.

The guides I see with individuals are Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, and Elemental and Galactic beings of light.

Signs that a new guide is trying to communicate with you:

-New interests

-Vivid dreams of familiar places, yet you can't figure out where you are.

-A sudden want to change your physical appearance or wardrobe.

-Rearranging furniture, clearing clutter

-A specific ascended master keeps popping into your mind, either hearing their name, or seeing their face in your mind's eye, physically (not as common), and even scrolling your newsfeed.

-Increased synchronicities & signs.

-Waking up multiple times throughout the night.

-A deep sense of knowing you are not alone; you intuitively pick up on the new energy.

How to work and communicate with your guides

-Always ask Archangel Michael to surround and protect you

-Ask your guides to come close, tell you they are there by a sign or physical sensation or send a message via your most developed Clair.
Clairvoyance-clear seeing mental images or seeing physical signs
Clairsentience-gut feelings, physical sensations
Claircognizance-answers received via downloads and "you just know."
Clairaudience-messages in your 'inner ear.'

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-Set the intention before sleep to learn and spend time together for healing, guidance, and comfort.

-Set the intention before meditation to receive messages and guidance.

-Book a reading with me

We need to follow our intuition and rest as needed. You are being given clear guidance as a result of your prayers and clearly envisioning what you want to manifest daily.

Trust yourself and your team; all is well, and you are loved and supported.

Have a magical day!
Love and Angel Blessings,

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Picture: Keepers of Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray- Legendary Ladies Oracle

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