The Magic of Florida Water

The Magic of Florida Water

Florida water is a citrus and floral scented mystical cologne dating back to the 1800s. Florida water has gone viral recently and is being called a staple of Witchcraft and Spiritual practices as it has many uses for manifestation, ritual, and purification work. The original production of Florida water was in 1808 by perfumer Murray of Murray and Lanman, and to this day in very high demand. While I believe that we are powerful beings and tools are not necessary to manifest our desires, I believe in enhancing your intentions and using tools to raise your vibration to achieve desired results. 

When performing any magic, I recommend working with Angels, as they are powerful, protective, loving, and are eager to assist in magical work! Check out my book, Angel Magic, to learn my simple, fast, and effective form of witchcraft with the help of angels!  


How Can I Use Florida Water?

I will list some of the many ways you can use Florida water to enhance your intentions. Remember, no way is the wrong way! Get creative! Your intention is everything. 


Warning: Florida Water is flammable, so use it with caution.


Love Spells

Use Florida water to enhance your love spells! Also fantastic for healing from heartbreak. You can lightly mist yourself with diluted Florida water to clear the old, make room for new, and attract loving, positive relationships. You can use Florida water for cleansing and protection. Using Florida Water is an excellent way to clear yourself and raise your vibration before performing a love spell. Dab Florida water on rose quartz to carry with you to attract love! You can clean your mirror using diluted Florida water to keep you from judging yourself or thinking negative thoughts about yourself every time you look in the mirror; you will instead see what you love about yourself! Try placing an affirmation near your mirror to assist you in replacing negative self-talk with uplifting and loving thoughts. 


Clearing Your Space

You can use Florida water in many ways to cleanse yourself and your space. For example, you can spray yourself, your home, altar space, add to your floor cleaner, use it as a door wash to clear negative energies, protect, and attract positive energy. Spray your workspace for peace and clearing. It is excellent to spray your bedroom for protection and to prevent nightmares. 



Place a small bowl as an offering to your ancestors, angels, or spirit team before working with them. Place a small amount of Florida water mixed with regular water for your scrying bowl to assist spiritual connection. 



Put a few drops on a cloth and some mint and place it in your wallet or purse to attract money!


Raise Your Vibration

Use Florida water to raise your vibration and attract positive energy by lightly spraying yourself and or your space to raise your vibration and attract opportunities and positive energy into your life!



Place a quarter cup in with your laundry to clear negative energies, and attract positive energy! Excellent to use for washing your bedding! 


Ritual Bath

Add a small amount to your bath for clearing and enhancing your intentions for ritual. I have many ritual bath kits available in my store if you want to purchase or for inspiration for different ritual baths.


Altar & Spells

Spray your altar space to clear and attract positive energy! Excellent to use before mediumship, channeling, or other forms of spirit communication. Florida water may also be your water element on your altar and when performing magical work. 



Florida water can replace holy water for home blessings, above doorways and windowsills, and your pets by dabbing a drop on your finger and placing it on your pet's forehead for blessing. 


Cleansing Yourself

Use a small amount of Florida water while you wash your hands after being around negative people, after arguments, or being in a hostile environment. Spray a small amount around you to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

There are many other ways to use Florida water. So get creative, and have fun! You can get your Florida water here

I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities! Love, Kate 

















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