Tune into your intention!

Tune into your intention!

Currently, my children are tearing the house apart, I have a sink full of dishes, and I haven't brushed my teeth, but my heart chakra feels as if it will explode with love, gratitude, and joy! There is magic in the air today! Do you feel it?! If you don't feel it, set the intention to jump on the magical wave of joy and abundance and read below for today's message summarized.

This week's energy has been unique! We feel a sense of urgency like we are running out of time and should be taking action. Some of us may not know what we need to be doing, but we know we need to be doing something, and not knowing can cause anxiety in itself!

We are being pulled to fully step into our role as our authentic selves to fulfill our life purpose. Many of us have already discovered or are on the path of our purpose now. We are feeling the pull; it is strong and active-oriented.

I have discovered that yes, it is to take action, BUT this energy is to take a positive, playful approach to our daily life- Tune into the vibration of love, and do all things with love, joy, integrity, and gratitude. We are shifting to 5d, where we are not required to break our backs to manifest or accomplish what we desire. Instead, the simple act of tuning into love, abundance, prosperity, gratitude, and joy, along with taking action, will assist us in manifesting what we desire much faster and with little to no stress.

So, take action, but do not stress yourself out; go with the flow. Do not be afraid to take risks at this time. With our vibrations high and focus clear and precise, your intuition is spot on, opportunities and/or relationships are being presented to you now.

I know that not everyone is here yet, but that is ok! What you need to do if you don't feel like you have clarity and have no idea where you need to be heading at this time, you are almost there! Call upon Archangel Michael to bring you direction, strength, and courage and help you remove all that is in your way, tie up loose ends, and know what you need to do, who needs to go, and what needs to stop! Once you ask for assistance from Archangel Michael, you will notice an almost immediate shift in your perspective, and you will feel more energized. Take advantage of this and follow any intuitive nudges you receive about people, situations, or actions to take. Be open to opportunities, and do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; it is necessary now.

I read a beautiful expression in my Starseed oracle deck, "Make your life a moving prayer." As you go about your day, pay attention to all you have. For example, as a busy mom with no dishwasher (except myself ;) ), I do dishes multiple times a day, I focus on how grateful I am for clean, running water, healthy food for every meal, and how fortunate I am to work from home to be responsible for feeding my children, that is a blessing! Start shifting your mindset from "I hate dishes; they never stop!" To, "Wow, I have so much to be grateful for!" This shift in perspective can be used in every aspect of your day and is how you tune into the vibration of love, gratitude, and abundance. When you turn your life into a moving prayer, you will draw more to yourself to be grateful for, more love, and so on.

I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities. Love, Kate

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