You Are Not Alone | Healing With Mother Mary

You Are Not Alone | Healing With Mother Mary

Are you experiencing a dark night of the soul or feeling defeated or overwhelmed? Feeling afraid, alone, and lost? My inbox has been blowing up the past week, as many of us are experiencing deep healing at all levels. This is overwhelming as we purge toxic habits, relationships, and trauma from our past.

Today's message from spirit is:

"You are not alone; you are surrounded by your angels, ancestors, spirit guides, and ascended masters. If you feel alone, call upon your spiritual team, your angels. To bring you peace, comfort, and clarity and to protect and guide you through this difficult time. Your higher self is showing you what no longer serves you; holding onto what needs to be released is becoming so extremely painful until we surrender and release. You see everyone and every situation as it truly is; masks have been removed, and your intuition is correct. You need no more validation or signs."

Another message I did not channel, comes from the beautiful card I pulled AFTER Mother Mary visited me! This message comes from the beautiful Yule Oracle by Lorriane Anderson & Juliet Diaz.

"...this card reminds you that we all have feminine energy. This energy is nurturing and peaceful and moves mountains with a soft and gentle touch. Your situation requires you to trust that all will be well. You cannot move forward with force. To do so will only destroy the magic that is already making its way to you. This is especially true if you are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Be still and let the universe support you."

After receiving this message, I was excited to feel Mother Mary's angelic presence. Mother Mary is a Mama Bear that we all have access to, regardless of our beliefs or religion. She is a powerful, loving, and comforting ascended master eagerly waiting to run to your rescue, hold you, and carry you through any pain you are experiencing. Mother Mary can assist you in deep healing, your life purpose, mothering yourself, parenting your children, and healing any issues between you and your mother and grandmother. All you have to do is ask!

Mother Mary Prayer:

"Mother Mary, I ask for your help, guidance, love, peace, comfort, and love. Please assist me with ________________. Thank you for showering this situation with your light and love and bringing me strength and clarity to learn and grow. Thank you. And so it is.

Tips to get through a Dark Night of the Soul:

-Use your book of shadows as a mental health journal. Write down your dreams, signs, angel numbers, and intuitive nudges you are receiving.

-Write a list of goals.

-Work with Angels, Archangels (Azrael, Michael, Raphael), & Ascended Masters

-Practice Angel Magic

-Rest as needed

-Practice daily self-care.

-Do not participate in drama, and avoid toxic and harsh people or environments.

-Daily prayer and meditation

-Buy roses or flowers.

-Listen to or watch uplifting and inspiring music, books, and movies.

-Hug yourself and affirm, "I am safe."

-And lastly, remember, these experiences will pass.

I hope you have a magical day filled with love, happiness, magic, and synchronicities.

Love & Angel Blessings, Kate


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